Options for How to Straighten a Crooked Penis that Can Be Done

A bent penis is a condition that is considered normal for men. The penis can bend downward, upward, or sideways. This condition is easier to identify when you have an erection. Although relatively normal, not a few men are looking for ways to straighten a bent penis. Is there a way that can be done? How to straighten the penis is done based on the condition of your penis. If your penis is only slightly bent and is not accompanied by pain or difficulty having sex, this condition is considered normal. You also don’t have to go through a variety of ways to straighten a crooked penis. You can visit https://www.amazon.com/SIZEGENETICS-Peyronies-Disease-Home-Treatment/dp/B08W5DRNDB right now.

However, some men can experience a more serious condition known as Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease occurs due to the formation of scar tissue (plaque) inside the penis. This condition can even affect sexual function and cause pain, especially when you have an erection. To deal with a curved penis due to Peyronie’s disease, there are two options for penis straightening that you can do.

How to treat Peyronie’s disease without surgery can be done with non-surgical measures, such as lithotripsy, penile suction pump, and drugs. Unfortunately, its power in realigning the penis is not as good as surgery. These methods can only be used in certain phases of penile bending.

However, this method is considered to be less convincing and no progress has been made in the studies conducted.

Penis suction pump
This treatment involves inserting your penis into a tube through a ring at the base. This tube has an electric or manual pump that is used to create a vacuum in it.
This method of straightening the penis comes with risks due to the pressure generated during the process of stretching the penis in the tube. This pressure can lead to trauma or fibrosis of the penis, potentially worsening the condition of the bent penis.

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