Five Common Mistakes Made By Archers

When archery class, you may often see someone disappointed because an arrow fails to hit the target. Although every exercise we do is a learning process, it will feel great if our archery hits the target. Especially if we have a wide tool like a crossbow by absolute survivalist with scope that can make us feel like a professional archery athlete. This time we will try to explain the five common mistakes of archers.

Inconsistent Standing Attitudes
Has your leg position changed from one archery to the next? Your standing attitude, where you place your feet when archery is the basis of your archery. Your Standing Attitude must be strong and consistent with each archery.

Elbow Round
Correct elbow rotation is the simplest thing, but it is important for the archer. This means keeping your elbows straight up or down when pulling and releasing arrows.

If your elbows are not straight then it can produce many problems, such as bruises on the elbows or arrows deviating to one side of the target. To avoid this problem, make sure your elbows are straight before lifting and pulling the bow.

When you place your fingers on the bowstring, do you pay attention to its placement? Or you just hold the bowstring and pull it? The rush to place the fingers on the bowstring is one of the most common mistakes made by archers. Pay close attention to the placement of your fingers to get a big difference in your archery.

Square off
For those who just started archery, making a square off with consistency is a challenge. The Sting Point is the point on your face – usually at the tip of your mouth or slightly below your chin – where you usually pull the bowstring.

To understand the importance of a consistent square off, Like an anchor on a ship that holds the ship from moving. That is the point where it prevents the archer from pulling his hand from a different position at each pull, which will make the arrow fly in different directions.

Archery Strength
A mistake usually made by most archers is to fail to shoot strongly. Shooting too fast often makes weak archery. Another reason is to focus too much on aiming so that you forget about proper muscle movements.