Novice Saudi Traders Must Know How To Install Forex Robot (EA) On MT4

By using a forex robot or EA, the robot can automatically buy/sell itself. The great thing is that when the forex robot is running, we can still do other activities without having to be in front of the monitor continuously observing the development of the currency the Saudi forex market, you can do other things such as work, exercise, sleep, travel, etc. Meanwhile, forex robots or experts Advisors will work to help generate profits for us and control our trading accounts so that they are always profitable and avoid MC. Meanwhile, if you also need a forex broker, you can go to to find the best one in Saudi.

The forex robot that I use can only run on the MT4 or Metatrader 4 platforms. It depends on the program designed for the robot, can it only be installed on MT4 or MT5. Before installing the robot, MetaTrader 4 software must first be installed on a PC either a local PC (if we don’t have a VPS = Virtual Private Server) or on a VPS server that we already have, the one that can be used in Saudi without a problem.

You can follow these steps:

1. Install meta trader first on your PC or your VPS.
2. First copy the forex robot file that you are going to install, then open the meta trader application that you installed earlier. In the meta trader, in the upper left corner select, “File” then enter the “Open data folder” menu.
3. After selecting the “Open data folder” menu, the MQL4 folder will appear.
4. Proceed to “MQL4” and choose “Experts” in the Experts folder. It’s the file of robot that we have copied before (in step2), then paste it.
Until this 4th step, it means that the robot file that we will use to help us trade has been installed. Then close the layer view using an ‘x’ in the top right corner.
5. Reopen the meta trader application that has been installed, from the “Navigator” menu select the “Expert Advisor” menu then right-click on this menu and select the “Refresh” menu.

At this point, the “expert advisor” installation has been completed. Remember to set the parameters first according to what we need when we trade forex in Saudi.