Here Are Some Of The Most Mysterious Anime Characters

Anime creators create diverse characters to make fans more interested in watching. In addition to the protagonist and antagonist characters who stand out, there are also mysterious anime characters that are deliberately created to increase the curiosity of anime fans. At least, some anime deliberately hold their character identities to create a mysterious impression. The way the creators make the characters’ mysterious impression varies, from wearing masks to the characters, making the characters talk less, appearing and disappearing frequently in the story, and much more. Additionally, perhaps you want to check out some of the Coolest anime characters.

Ai Enma

Her appearance was to give a straw doll with a red ribbon tied around the doll’s neck. Then Enma will ask the person to draw the red ribbon on the doll.

Furthermore, people who have registered on the website will be taken to hell on the condition that the avenger will also go to hell when he dies.

Mei Misaki

Mei Misaki is one of the most mysterious characters in the anime entitled Another. He is often considered by his friends to never exist, it also forms his closed personality so that it seems mysterious.

In the story in the anime, it is told that Mei was forced to separate from her parents who thought she would not be able to support her needs because she was experiencing economic difficulties.

He also doesn’t talk much, even seems reluctant to socialize with anyone. An example is that at one time someone named Kouichi was about to approach him, but Mei always asked to be shunned.

Khasin Koji

His appearance at a glance resembles Naruto’s teacher who died in the past, Jiraiya who is one of the 3 Legendary Sanin in Konoha Village.

He has white hair, there is a tattoo on one of his eyes that looks exactly like Jiraiya’s. His face was covered with a mask, making people even more curious.

In addition, he also has moves that have been mastered and even made by Jiraiya himself, ranging from rasenggan, fireball jutsu, and can take out a frog-like Jiraiya’s.