You Must Know This Before Planting Broccoli Seeds In Polybags

Planting broccoli seeds for sprouting in polybags does not require special skills, just like planting other plants in polybags. However, there are a few things to prepare, so you can plant broccoli sprout seeds in polybags properly.

Preparation of planting media (polybag)

The soil is first cleaned of the roots of the previous plant, then mixed with manure, husks, and lime. This is done so that the soil is more fertile and the broccoli plants can provide maximum results. Soil pH is recommended> 5.5 and if lower, it is better to do liming.

Choose a variety

Large-headed varieties are capable of producing large crowns because they are the most commonly found varieties. This variety takes 50-90 days to harvest. The large-headed varieties are Arcadia, Belstar, Munchkin, Nutri-Bud, and Packman.

Varieties that are small and dense in size need 50 to 90 days to harvest. These varieties consist of Calabrese, De Cicco, Purple Peacock, and Purple Sprouting.

The Romanesco variety tends to like good soil, grows circularly, has a cone-shaped crown that is pleasant and crunchy to eat. This type of variety contains a lot of water. Included in the Romanesco variety are Natalino, Italian Romanesco, and Veronica.

The broccoli variety with a faster harvest is broccoli-Raab. This variety is harvested as shoots to make broccoli as rich as other varieties such as Sessantina Grossa, Zamboni and Early Fall Rapini.

Preparation and planting of seeds

First, the seeds must be soaked in hot water at 550C for around 15 to 30 minutes. You can also soak the seeds in a fungicide solution according to the recommended dosage.

The seeds that have been soaked are then selected. The good seeds will sink while the bad ones will float or float in the water.

The good seeds are then soaked for about 12 hours, or until the seeds appear broken, with the aim that the seeds germinate quickly.

Then put the seeds one by one into a polybag filled with 0.2 – 1.0 cm deep planting media. Cover lightly with soil or mature manure. Water the seeds in the morning and evening.

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